Dan Barker's Boat Build Page (Codename - Stryker)

Well I have been looking for a long time for a large Jon boat for fishing and bow-fishing. Large versions are very expensive and hard to find used. This boat came from Kentucky where they used it primarily for duck hunting.

The Boat as we bought it - complete with duck blind.

Well I don't duck hunt - so the next order of business is to get this boat converted for our use. Here are some pics below showing our progress.

With Duck Blind Removed

Side View Duck Blind Removed

Starting to remove deck and wiring

Old Front Hatch

We filled the boat with water to check for leaks.  We found a couple and repaired.

We then began to replace the decking with treated 3/4 plywood. 


We carpeted the main deck first (in 35mph wind) but hey you work when you can 

We then made side panels to finish up the look and to provide a place to hide wiring and plumbing for pumps.

We gutted all the old wiring and replaced with new.

New wiring coming into the dash.

More welding and cutting.

Jon is so fast - I could barely keep up cutting the pieces.

So we began building the structure for the decks and hatches.  Don't have much experience doing this - so it ought to be fun.

Rear deck where we are started to cover the structure and build hatches.  Man - this is time consuming work.  But am enjoying it - and can't wait to launch it.

Another Saturday at Jon's shop to get the front deck structure built.

Lewis decided to come along and help today also.  Appreciate all the help I can get.

Completed front deck structure

Front three frames get bolted through the boat.

Seats mounted, hatches in place.

Front Half Decked

Ridin' high in the water

Trolling motor reaches (whew)

High degree of fishibility.

Starting to feel like home on the water

Getting bait... shad gods be kind to us.

Rusty and I got out a caught our limit.

Not the catfish we were looking for...
Had to get the welder out on the boat with us.

First big cat to come in the boat.  About 22 Lbs.

Our lighted livewell stuffed with blue cats

Four of the biggest of 24 we caught that night

Finally - it's great to be on the water.

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