Pictures of Other Old Military Boats

This page contains pictures of other military boats that we have identified as "Ugli".

Click image for closeup view Click image for full sized before and after pictures.

Old Military Boat Pictures - If you know what they are we will add the information.

1.  Amsterdam Boat  2. Cozumel Military Boat 3. Military Boat 4. Gunner River Boat 5. 1952 Correct Craft Bridge Erection Boat 6. S.T.A.B. Seal Team Assault Boat 7. Army Boat with Canvass Top

What is this ? is cool.

   I would love to see more full size pictures of this boat and learn more about it.

Ponton Bridge M40

   Although this is a ponton bridge boat, we cannot put it in the same category as our beloved 18.5 footer.

New French Polyester Military Boat

   Even though it is not old, I thought it deserved to be included.

More Miscellaneous Military Boats Submitted

   1. 16 foot military boat  2. Unknown  3. M4  4. M4  5. M4 badge