Decorative & Non-Skid Broadcast

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Bridge Deck Overlays

With one coat of FlexPrime and two FlexKrete broadcast applications, this bridge deck was sealed and refurbished in less than a day.

Large Entryways

This was a single coat application with fine sand, top-coated with FlexSealer 1000. Additionally, the exposed aggregate was having to be re-sealed every year - so FlexSealer 1000 was used instead, to provide a much longer lasting finish.

Small Entryways and Non-Skid Ramps

This business owner had a puddle at his entryway, so a thin coat of FlexKrete trowel mix was applied to bring it up to grade, then a double broadcast of red quartz was applied to provide a durable non-skid surface.

Non-Skid Metal Pan Stairs

The edges of metal pan stairs are very slick, and FlexKrete bonds superbly to metal. This application was using standard sand, but then top-coated with a pigmented version of our FlexSealer 1000.

Non-Skid Concrete Steps

As you can see, FlexKrete can be broadcast even on vertical faces of the stairs.

Non-Skid Tile Overlays

This client had some very slippery and broken tile, as well as, a new adjoining slab they wanted to color match. The damaged tile was removed and filled flush to grade with FlexKrete slurry, then a double broadcast of medium grade sand was applied with a clear FlexSealer 1000 top-coat.

Renew Old Pool Decks

This cracked and pitted pool deck needed a decorative non-skid finish.  After repairing the cracks and pits with a FlexKrete mixture, a coat of FlexKrete was applied with a broadcast application of blue-gray quarts and a topcoat of our FlexSealer 1000.

Maintenance Free Helicopter Pads

This helicopter pad had been painted less than 8 months previously and was in sad shape from Texas sized UV rays.   A FlexKrete and quartz broadcast was applied for the three separate colors.

Quartz colors resist bleeding or fading, even when exposed to harsh sunlight, and power washing.  This flexible, long-lasting surface will guarantee a permanent colored, UV stable finish that will look stunning for years - with low to zero maintenance.

Non-Skid Waterproofing for Apartment Landings

These 20 apartment complex landings were refitted with new concrete due to rusting metal that was repaired.   They wanted to ensure a non-skid surface that was durable and cosmetically appealing, as well as for waterproofing / watersealing.
This landing restoration took about 1 hour from start to finish.

THE PROCESS: 1. Scarify Surface  2. Apply FlexPrime (4 oz total for this 13sf)  3.  Apply FlexKrete (less than 1 quart)  and broadcast with blasting sand  4. Broom off all loose sand  5.  Seal with FlexSealer1000.