Other FlexKrete Repairs

This page contains pictures of other ideal repairs made with FlexKrete.

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Bearing Seat Repairs - Bridge Construction

Bearing seats must support a lot of weight, therefore, when this one needed to be fixed, the D.O.T. specified FlexKrete for it's high compressive strength and fast set up time.

Cove Base Repairs

A FlexKrete cove base and floor leveling was selected for a monkey exhibit at a local zoo because it was easy for the contractors to work with, and they knew the monkeys could not destroy FlexKrete like the other previous materials.

Dam Repairs

With the use of FlexPrime, even damp applications are easily doable with FlexKrete.

Drain Repairs and Tile Repairs

Instead of busting those drains out, you can repair them in place with FlexKrete.

Gouge Repairs - Airline Maintenance Hangar

These gouge repairs were performed at a large airline maintenance base where a mobile home sized rolling equipment had chewed up the concrete.  We "armor plated" the repairs by using aluminum oxide instead of sand.

Metal Dock Repairs - Freight Terminal

Raised metal docks are an extreme hazard to forklifts.  This large trucking company retrofitted their docks with FlexKrete toweled down to a feather edge.

Steel Grate Repairs - Parking Garage

Steel grates often break apart all around the steel footing.  This parking garage would have been shut down for days if it weren't for FlexKrete.

Metal Treadle Repairs

Worn out treadles aren't easily removed, but with FlexKrete you can fill them flush to grade and forget about them..

Railroad Track Pad Repairs

Concrete pads in between railroad tracks take constant pounding and vibration. Instead of replacing these costly pads when they have pop-outs, you can FlexKrete them in place. This repair encompassed about 8 areas and was all repaired and driven on by tanker trucks almost immediately!

Tilt Wall and Exposed Aggregate Repairs

These tilt walls with 1" to 2" exposed aggregate were in need of a repair method that was quick, and durable.  FlexKrete was used to fill the voids, then loose pieces of matching aggregate were packed into the FlexKrete putty.  Not only was it a perfect match, but this project was done in one pass.  FlexKrete turned an all day job into a one hour job.

Repair Delaminating Industrial Floors

These engine repair rooms had delaminating flooring that needed to be repaired and put back in service quickly. The concrete was saturated with jet fuel and engine oils from 50 years of constant use. The loose sections were chipped out, and then an extra measure that was taken since the concrete contained so many contaminants - concrete screws were inserted on 1.5 inch centers with the heads exposed. 

A thin coat of FlexPrime was applied, then the voids were filled flush-to-grade with FlexKrete.  A broadcast application of FlexKrete and sand was applied, then painted with top-coat gray FlexKrete.  The total project took less than a 8 hours and they were able to safely be back into production the next morning.

Suspension Bridge Deck Repairs

This national landmark was repaired with FlexKrete to repair settling problems on the drive lane decks.  They have had amazing results in this brutal environment.

Lightning Strike Repairs on Airport Runways

FlexKrete is used at several airports across the country to repair runway and taxiways that have been damaged by lightning strikes.  With FlexKrete they only need to have 30 minutes to an hour of down time to complete the repairs and keep the planes flying.

Repair of Steel Frame Corrugated Metal Parking Structures

This steel frame composite parking garage was experiencing significant areas of through-slab cracking.  The most likely cause was excessive deflection caused by pan corrosion and thin slabs.  Over the years, this parking garage owner tried various repair materials and all failed until they met Weatherproofing Services of Crossroads Texas.  WPS used FlexKrete to solve their clients problems without shutting down their parking garage.

The photo collage is just one repair of many FlexKrete repairs that were performed over the past several years in this structure. Because of the extreme failure of the concrete, the method used was to fully remove the unsound concrete down to the corrugated metal, then fill flush to grade with FlexKrete.